Museum M.A.C. House Leusden, The Netherlands

Museum M.A.C. House Leusden, The Netherlands:

In 2015 the Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell'Arte has started a Museum of Contemporary Art under the name Museum M.A.C. House Leusden, in order to give a new impulse to the DIN A4 presentations, as well as a permanent and  appropriate platform in a museum setting. Every 3 and a half months, the museum will prepare a Solo Exhibition of an (inter)national artist, as well a new edition of the International Art Project DIN A4. Since the start of the M.A.C. House Museum in April '15 until Nov. '16,  the museum has held 7 different DIN A4 exhibitions in the M.A.C. House Museum, The Netherlands as well as two editions in other countries;  in Holguín - Cuba and in Palazzo Bonfranceschi - Belforte del Chienti, Italy.

To maintain the quality of a Museum Collection: 

Since the artworks of  Project DIN A4, now form part of the main collection of the Museum M.A.C. House Leusden, it is not only the task of the Museum and the Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell'Arte to show, register and preserve the DIN A4 artworks, but also to make sure that the artworks in the collection meet up with the standards of quality, which belong to a Contemporary Art Museum Collection. Therefore, La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell'Arte, The Netherlands has decided together with the formal leader of the DIN A4 project, Ernst Kraft, to maintain and exhibit all artworks of the DIN A4 collection, on which we don't have any doubt. This means also that the artworks,on which we do have doubts, because those artworks do not meet up with the standards of a contemporary art museum collection, will be removed from the collection together with the artists info. If an artist visits this DIN A4 blog or our website and finds out that his/her name and artworks have been removed, of course he/she can do a new application with other artworks, as long as these new artworks, meet up with the standard of a Contemporary Art Museum Collection, on which the jury of the DIN A4 project will decide.  Ofcourse an artist, whose information and artworks are  no longer available on this blog, because of the above mentioned reasons, he/she may ask us to send back his artworks, by sending us an e-mail to Because of the fact that Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell'Arte is a non-profit Cultural Organization, which does not receive any subsidy from the government or any other Cultural Organization, all costs concerning shipping back the artworks, are for cost of the artists.